Andrew Robertson embarrassed to say that Liverpool 4 champions.

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Liverpool left-back Andrew Robertson has revealed that. He is reluctant to talk about his club winning four historic trophies this season. Because he is unable to control his own destiny. Unless Manchester City the English Premier League leader miss again. They are ready to cut their faces into the sign.

Manchester United 1999 is the only British team to have won three major trophies. The English Premier League , Champions League and FA Cup in one season.   

The calendar has turned 23 years ago. Such a great record is being challenged by the ‘ Reds ‘ the rivals do not burn ghosts. And even think over the face of hope for 4 more championships when the Carabao Cup is already in the bag.  

However Andrew Robertson came out to discourage ‘ The Kop ‘ not to go too big or rush to refuel the parade. Because there is still UFABET a distance left on the path Plus the team is not destined for success for itself.  

So until the ‘ Blue Sails ‘ miss again in the league game , close the quarter- finals against Benfica and defeat Josep Guardiola’s team in the semi- final F. A Cup this Saturday is successful. Let’s say it again.

The Scottish defender told the official website. 

” Listen , let’s be honest, we only talk about the upcoming match – to – match. ” 

“ You can’t look beyond reason. One game at a time, that’s a Benfica duel , and then watch – obviously there’s no talk of winning four in the dressing room. ” 

“ Right now we only focus on the Benfica game, we’ve stocked up on goals (3-1) , but we need to go through to the next round. We need to try to win off jobs. in order to qualify for the semi-finals of the National Football League . 

“ If we don’t concentrate for the next match It is equal to having to think about fighting every remaining match in front of you. The team still has a queue to kick more. And if you continue to keep on winning, hope in the end you have a cup in your hand. ” 

“ We just need to win every game we play. ” 

“ Because the team really doesn’t have the title advantage of the league. Because if City win all the rest of the games they’ll be champions except for dropping points. That’s why we need to prepare people to fall again. ” 

Both teams are left in the queue for 7 matches, the ‘ Reds ‘ are still following the ‘ Blue Sails ‘ 1 point after the 2-2 draw on the weekend.