Laporta-Xavi disagrees about bringing Neymar back.

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Joan Laporta and Xavi Hernandez have different opinions about bringing Neymar back to the team. There are reports from L’Equipe that Neymar has informed him about moving to Paris Saint-Germain. The goal of the Brazilian pioneer is to return to Barcelona again this summer.

But recently, Mundo Deportivo It was reported that opinions in the Azul Grana team did not match. Especially the two principals, club president Joan Laporta and coach Xavi Hernandez.

Laporta side wants to get the 31-year-old offensive line back at Camp Nou because the president sees. That the players will come with many new supporters. In addition, it will also affect the number of viewers increasing UFABET

However, Xavi does not want to get Neymar into his own team. Because the Spaniard is worried about the atmosphere and harmony in the team that could be shaken if the Brazilian really does come. 

The case is a hot topic and a matter that Barça is urgently discussing internally. Which the opportunity to work together again is very rare

Plus Barca still have to find a lot of capital to bring Neymar into the team. Which in such cases will affect the finances of the club that is now suffering even more.