Mateo Kovacic hopes for half a dozen to encourage the lion to defeat the white choir.

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Chelsea midfielder Mateo Kovacic is hopeful that weekend’s 6-0 league win over Southampton will springboard confidence to turn the tide against Real Madrid in the Champions League quarter-finals. Second match today (12 Apr)

‘ Sing the Blues ‘ form after breaking the national team when losing 2 consecutive games to Brentford 1-4 , followed by the grandson of Madrid 1-3 rounds before the Champions League . The first match until the opportunity Getting into the playoffs is difficult as a mortar is pushed up the mountain. Because of the difference of 3 goals UFABET at the Santiago Bernabeu.  


 Mateo Kovacic as a ‘ White King ‘ alumnus, believes that the team’s morale has been restored. Next, just use your best potential to create a miracle in the Spanish capital.  

“ It is never easy to get back into the game after the national team program. But it is not an excuse that we will perform below the standard in 2 matches, it is necessary that we have to open up to talks. We have to see where we can make it better. And where we can do well, ” the Croat midfielder opened his mouth.

“ Of course we still have a chance to qualify. Strive to show the best performance. The first game we may not perform well , the result is disappointing. But it hasn’t run out of chances yet. Believe that this game will be a match that is full of quality. And we’ve been waiting for it. ‘

At the same time, the 27 – year-old still believes a Champions League night is the perfect fit for a miracle. So ready to reverse the work of ‘ Sing the Blues ‘ , which defeated Napoli in the 2011-12 season, who lost before the first leg 1-3 , but scored back the second leg 4-1.

” The other day I saw a video of Chelsea playing Napoli, we lost 3-1 as an away team and then at Stamford Bridge we were able to win 4-1.” added the vice-champion of the world.

“ Football always has surprises. Of course, we have to prepare more than 100% in order to be able to come back. ”

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