Schmeichel not understand Arteta.

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Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel does not understand the idea of ​​Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta. Preparing to bring David Raya to the team despite Aaron Ramdale is already.

Brentford’s pickpocket prepares to travel for a physical examination with “Cannon” after agreeing to pull to join the team. The report suggests it will be a loan plus a permanent purchase. But Schmeichel thinks Arteta decision to have two of the best goalkeepers in the team may have created a bad atmosphere in the dressing room UFABET 

“I really don’t understand.” Schmeichel told BBC 5 Live. “I don’t understand why the manager thinks it’s good to have competition for the No. 1 spot.

“The goalkeeper position is very reactive. You can’t create anything by yourself. You have to wait for it to happen. Now you’re asking the goalkeeper to prove himself better than the other. That means you have to get on the pitch and show your skills. And you don’t want that It’s the only position on the pitch where you need stability.

“When you’re in a competitive situation. He had to play that game for himself and for that position, which I don’t understand. What you do is put insecurities on both of them. At the same time, having two of them challenged the top position. Do you also create a bad atmosphere in the dressing room because it is a direct competition between two people to start?

“They need to know if it goes wrong. which it happened Everyone made mistakes and everyone lost a goal. The manager said, ‘It’s okay, you’re still the No. 1’, you have to gain confidence, if not you can’t perform 100 per cent.