UEFA orders Atletico Madrid to close some of the stands as fans display Nazi symbols.

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The European Football Federation (UEFA) has ordered Atletico Madrid to disable some of the stands. Before the second quarter-final game against Manchester City football team (13 April) because it found that. Their supporters showed off a hand sign similar to Nazism visiting the Etihad Stadium last week.

A report from ‘ Sky Sports ‘ that. The origin is from footage captured of Atletico Madrid supporters. Who lean towards Neo-Nazis. hand showing symbol. While UFABET traveling to cheer on the Rak team. The game lost 0-1 to City last Tuesday.  

There were also some of the 2,100 followers. Who had hit the pitch with ‘ Blues ‘ supporters. And were accused of physically assaulting a steward at the stadium. 

Of course, the Etiquette and Discipline Committee took the matter to investigate. Found guilty, penalties announced on Monday. 

Atletico Madrid had to close at least 5,000 stands from a capacity of 68,456 , losing millions of euros from the penalty. They also have to make cloth banners showing the message 

#denying racism , hanging the UEFA logo around the stadium.  

As for the fine, there is no fine because it is the first offense.