How do you know you are obesity?

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Obesity can occur for many reasons from eating behavior energy consumption during the day unbalanced exercise by eating more than using energy. Or it’s easy to notice that whenever we have an excess. Or there is a change in shape. Such as having a protruding belly. Which means that the metabolic system in the body starts to decrease. It’s a sign that we’re having problems with obesity. Which will come with the aging process of the body (Aging Process) as well. Including some people caused by heredity. That is, if the parents are obese. Children born are also more likely to be obese. In some people, it may not be caused by heredity. But it is a chronic non-communicable disease (NCD) such as diabetes , thyroid or a low metabolic system in the body makes the body more fat.”

However, obesity status can be initially assessed from body mass index (BMI), calculated from body weight in kilograms. Divided by height in meters (squared). If the body mass index exceeds 23, it is considered to be overweight. UFABET But if the number reaches level 25, it is considered to be obesity level 1.

while working from home Many people are not very active. Because I can’t go anywhere and have to work on the screen Rarely moved. Even if you move, there are all sorts of snacks, drinks, and the more late the night the more hungry. Become addicted to eating a lot and staying up late. As a result, body weight rises unconsciously. It’s time to take care of your health and adjust your lifestyle mode. Because the silent threat from obesity may come knocking on the door of the house.