Ketogenic a new way to lose weight.

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In addition to the ketogenic diet method, it can help alleviate the diet of epilepsy. There are also nutritionists used for weight loss as well. Obesity Clinic, Chulalongkorn Hospital stated that eating ketogenic diet can help you lose weight. Because in the early stages. The ketogenic diet can help you lose weight faster than other methods. Because the body gets less energy from carbohydrates which used to be the body’s main source of energy

However, in the long term after 1 year. It was found that the effectiveness of weight loss was no different. UFABET And there is a chance that the body weight will bounce back up, known as the Yo-Yo Effect (Yo-Yo Effect), no different.

Dangers of following the ketogenic diet.

  1. The body’s muscle mass may decrease. due to eating less carbohydrates decrease the amount of insulin The introduction of amino acids into the cell is reduced. The process of protein synthesis within the muscles is also reduced. But if you exercise continuously. and still eating protein may still have strong muscles
  2. A condition known as “keto flu” may occur. After some time Flu-like symptoms may include breath, sweat, and urine that smells like fruit. But this symptom may occur in the early stages. of the ketogenic diet only
  3. May be at risk of high blood fat Because the research found that people who eat ketogenic diet. There will be an increase in triglycerides, cholesterol, both LDL and HDL fats in the blood after 6 months, so be careful with the proportion of fat eaten. Focus on unsaturated fats (olive oil, avocado, nuts, salmon) rather than saturated fats. (Animal fats, coconut milk, cheese, coconut oil, cream, butter)