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What is Cold pressed?

Cold pressed is the separation of water from various parts of plants. Such as seeds, tubers, leaves, flowers, fruits, and bark by compressing them at normal temperatures. Cold-pressed plants must not have been treated with heat or chemicals before and then left to settle food. Then filter

How to eat salmon safely?

Choose to eat salmon from the producer or from a shop. That is confident in quality and reliable. Or is it only sashimi-grade salmon? Salmon will be rid of parasites and various microorganisms. By freezing at temperatures below -35 degrees Celsius for at least 15 hours, or below -20 degrees

HIIT exercise that helps burn more energy than usual.

And from the information that has been shared. It probably makes many people think of exercising in the form of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Which is dividing exercise into short periods. Alternate between exercising at maximum speed. and exercise at a moderate pace. They will do it

Tips for eating salad for good health.

Even though it was a salad, Well, not every salad in this world will make you slim, beautiful, and shapely. What kind of salads should people who are on a diet avoid? Let’s have a look. 1. Avoid creamy salad dressings. There are millions of salad dressing

How do you know you are obesity?

Obesity can occur for many reasons from eating behavior energy consumption during the day unbalanced exercise by eating more than using energy. Or it’s easy to notice that whenever we have an excess. Or there is a change in shape. Such as having a protruding belly. Which means that the metabolic

Ketogenic a new way to lose weight.

In addition to the ketogenic diet method, it can help alleviate the diet of epilepsy. There are also nutritionists used for weight loss as well. Obesity Clinic, Chulalongkorn Hospital stated that eating ketogenic diet can help you lose weight. Because in the early stages. The ketogenic diet can help

Carbohydrates are really bad for your health?

However, the obsession with reducing carbohydrates, or starches and sugars. Has led people to view these carbohydrates as unhealthy and disease-causing culprits . both heart and blood vessels, obesity, diabetes , clogged arteries. Including fatty liver even though the body still needs carbohydrates anyway. And still have health benefits that we cannot

Foods that Seniors Over 60 Should Consume Every Day

When it comes to food There are many foods that can be eaten to help treat or alleviate the symptoms of chronic diseases. (From heart disease to osteoporosis). But instead of listing food items as specific menus. It’s better to eat a variety of foods to get a