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Eyebrow shapes design to suit the face By the principle of designing the correct eyebrow shape. It must be design to accommodate the shape of the face, taking into account the basic structure of the eyebrows and eyes. Including the face shape call Standard eyebrow design is a standard eyebrow shape that can be applie to other types of eyebrow shape. The main characteristics are a large eyebrow head and a tapered eyebrow tail. The eyebrow head starts at the bridge of the nose. The deflection point is located along the outer rim of the eye. The tail of the eyebrow will be at a slanted angle to match the wings of the nose. The head of the eyebrow and the tail of the eyebrow will be in the same plane. which is the eyebrow shape that is balance to fit the face.

Eyebrow shapes that matches your face shape.

Oval face shape. Report by โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Characteristics of face shape: Let’s start with the beauty that suits women with oval faces. An oval-shaped face has the right length and proportions. The forehead is slightly wider than the chin. The jawline is curved, causing no clear facial contours.  

Recommended eyebrow shape: S-Shape is a straight eyebrow shape that extends all the way to the middle of the eye. Then arch it up slightly to create a beautiful eyebrow shape that fits the face. 

Round face shape

Characteristics of face shape: Girls with round face shapes are women with plump cheeks. The forehead is wide and rounded and has a beautiful shape. The proportions of width and length of the face are almost the same. 

Recommended eyebrow shape: Hard Angled, clearly defined eyebrow shape. Draw sharply defined eyebrows at the highest point of the eyebrows. 

Square face shape 

Characteristics of face shape: Girls with square faces can be said to be very chic because when we look at girls with clear facial features, You can see its unique identity. A square-faced girl’s forehead and jaw are almost the same size. Make the proportions of the width and length of the face match well. 

Recommended eyebrow shape: Soft Angled. This eyebrow shape is curved at a slight angle. The eyebrows are not thick and have a beautiful shape. 

Heart-shaped face 

Face shape: Let’s move on to girls with heart-shaped faces. Girls with heart-shaped faces have a pointed chin, a wide forehead, and a tapered face that tapers to the chin. It feels like the upper part of the face is wider than the lower part.

Recommended eyebrow shape: Rounded is a curved eyebrow shape with no sharp corners. From the middle to the tip of the eyebrows will be slender. 

Long face shape

Characteristics of face shape: A long face is a face shape with the forehead and cheeks in equal proportions. The face is narrow and thin, with no angles or frames. When looking at it all together, it can be seen that our face shape is longer than other face shapes.  

Recommended eyebrow shape: Straight, straight eyebrows, no sharp angles. And the tail of the eyebrows are slender.