Leicester ready to pay €10m for Ridwan Gilmaz.

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Leicester City are set to pay €10m over rivals Torino and Stuttgart in the race for Besiktas left-back Ridwan Gilmaz.

Jilmaz’s outstanding form at Besiktas since joining the first football team in 2019 has attracted interest from clubs across Europe. Including the Premier League Serie A and the Bundesliga. The player’s agency hopes to receive a fee of 10 million euros.

TGRT Haber reports that Leicester, Torino and Stuttgart are the top three teams in the race for Ridwan Gilmaz. Although the current highest offer is €6m. Besiktas expects €10 million to bring in funds to help support the UFABET club’s financial profile.

The 20-year-old left-back has received many offers since last summer. But the option is to stay at Besiktas because he wants to play in the Champions League this season and has already received that opportunity from playing two games in the group stage. Where the team is eliminated from losing 6 games in a row.

Ridwan Yilmaz left-back of the Turkish national team under Besiktas, said in an interview through the media that He is interested in playing in the Premier League. and would like to stay with Arsenal Which is now referred to as just 19 years old, is classified as a new blood group and has performed quite well. He has also been included in the Turkish national team in the Euro 2020 squad and looks like many of the top teams in the European leagues. Will be waiting to see his form of play in particular.